Moose Cree First Nation seeks skilled and highly motivated individuals. Here are our current employment opportunities.

To apply:

Send your resume to . Please review individual job postings for additional options.

Why work for Moose Cree First Nation?

Moose Cree First Nation is the second largest employer in the Moose Factory – Moosonee area with approximately 150 workers and another 75 workers employed with the Moose Cree Education Authority. Moose Cree is a band administration which helps to support more than 2000 band members in the area and more than 3000 band members in all. We are an organization made up of 15 different departments that provide a wide range of services to the membership and the community of Moose Factory.

You don’t have to choose between full-time employment and being out on the land. We want our employees to embrace their culture and live their values. Most positions start with four weeks’ vacation and one additional week of traditional leave – which allows you to practice your traditional lifestyle as much as possible and create a healthy work-life balance.

Moose Cree First Nation is more than a municipal government. Our sole purpose is to create and support a happy, healthy, and prosperous community and citizenship. Moose Cree offers programs such as mental health services, a health centre, recreational facilities, youth programming, home care for elders, economic development, environmental protection, and Cree language and culture preservation.

Work with your people and for your people. Much of the Moose Cree workforce consists of Moose Cree First Nation members, so you would be working with many people who feel the same way as you and want the best for their community. You will be helping the Band make decisions that will impact the citizens and community. Ongoing, impactful projects such as a food co-op, the healthy babies initiative, focused health care clinics, Grief Edu-Therapy, fitness classes, protecting traditions and territory, etc. We are always looking to create positive change!

At Moose Cree, we invest in your career and training. It is important to MCFN to build internal capacity and that means supporting your employees’ career goals. If you are a hard worker and have a genuine interest in learning and self-improvement, we are willing to support you through your education or training whether it be financially or with time and flexibility. We want our employees to succeed because when they are better at their roles, they can better serve the community and its members.