Public Works

We lay the groundwork.

The Public Works department operates and maintains the following services:

  • Garbage collection
  • Water and wastewater management
  • Road maintenance
  • Street lighting
  • Community development and planning


Tree and Brush Cutting

A contractor will be in the community in the summer or fall of 2019 to remove brush and trees from yards in the community. If you would like your address added to our list, please contact the Public Works garage at 705-658-4200. Costs are absorbed by the Public Works department for on reserve households, all others will have to pay for the costs of clearing.


Spring Clean Up

We encourage all community members to clean their yards every spring. The Public Works department can collect the garbage and appliances that you wish to dispose of. Please call our garage at 705-658-4200 to arrange a pick up time for collection.


Curb Stop Repairs

A curb stop is a metal pipe located at ground level in the homeowner’s lot. A bent or damaged curb stop can cause additional problems in the water system. Please contact the Public Works garage at 705-658-4200 if your curb stop requires repairs.


Water Treatment Plant

A feasibility study for a new water treatment plant will be completed by March 2020. Updates will continue to be provided as the project progresses.