Current Road Status

The Wetum Road is OPEN on Friday, January 14th, 2022 @ 5:00 pm.

For weather alerts and closure notices, please visit the Wetum Road Facebook page.

Check Point Screening Form

If you have been contacted from a Public Health Unit as a potential high exposure / contact risk  or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you should not be travelling. You may not be allowed through the checkpoints located in Moose Factory.

All travellers will be required to stop and check in at the Moose Factory and Wetum Road checkpoints.

Travellers are required to complete a screening form. These forms will be provided when you head south, or you can print a copy and fill out in advance to save time at the checkpoint.

About the Wetum Road

The Wetum Road is a 170 km long winter road connecting Moose Factory to Otter Rapids. This road provides communities located along the James Bay coast with access to the Ontario highway system.

Otter Rapids Road is approximately 48 km in length, and connects to Highway 634, which is approximately 78 km long, ending at Smooth Rock Falls.

Driving Directions

Follow signage located along the route.

  • Wetum Road entry is located on Pedhabun Rd., nearby dump entrance. Proceed through checkpoint.
  • Continue straight along the Wetum Road for 170 km until you reach the exit checkpoint just before Otter Rapids Road.
  • Turn left on Otter Rapids Road and continue for 48 km. Cross the Abitibi Canyon Generating Station.
  • Continue on HWY 634 for 5 km. Turn left at the 4-way stop to continue on HWY 634 for 73 km until you arrive in Smooth Rock Falls.
  • HWY 634 can be accessed approximately 1 km east of Smooth Rock Falls, or via Ross Rd. in Smooth Rock Falls.
  • Continue on HWY 634 for approximately 73 km. Turn right at 4-way stop to continue on HWY 634 for 5 km towards the Abitibi Canyon Generating Station.
  • Cross the Abitibi Canyon Generating Station and continue on Otter Rapids Road for approximately 48 km.
  • Turn right at entrance of the Wetum Road and proceed through the checkpoint.
  • Continue on the Wetum Road for 170 km until the exit checkpoint.
  • Turn left to continue to Moose Factory.

Information for Drivers

  • Speed limit is 50 kmh. Drive carefully. Unexpected bumps and sharp turns can cause you to lose control of the vehicle and slide off the road.
  • Plan to spend approximately 6 hours driving the entire 300 km distance from Moose Factory to Smooth Rock Falls. Let others know when you leave and what time you expect to arrive.
  • Pack an emergency car kit. A shovel, tow straps, and jumper cables are recommended.
  • Cell service is unavailable on the Wetum Road and much of HWY 634.
  • Ensure you have enough fuel to make the 300 km journey. There is no fuel available on the Wetum Road.
  • 4WD or AWD vehicles recommended. Traffic limited to CLASS ONE vehicles only. Small trailers okay.