Trappers Support Program

The land provides.

Moose Cree First Nation understands the importance of practicing our traditional way of life. Our Trappers Support Program helps trappers get out on the land.

2023 / 2024 Applications


Applications are OPEN

Program subsidy allocations will consist of the following:

  • Chopper Assistance (Elders Only): Elders 60 and over may be eligible for 100% of a return helicopter flight to camp (trap line) at a 6-seater rate. All elders applying for helicopter assistance will be reviewed for eligibility.
  • Trappers will be eligible to receive up to 410 litres (90 gallons) for the 2023/24 trapping season


Program implementation guidelines will consist of the following:

  • Approved assistance is non-transferable
  • One helicopter assistance application (Elders only) is provided per family unit if required
  • The applicant must be a passenger on the helicopter camp flight
  • Gas assistance will be provided as a reimbursement up to a maximum of 410 litres per eligible applicant. To receive reimbursement, an approved application is required, and receipts must be submitted. Please ensure all your receipts have the date of purchase, cost per litre and total litres to avoid any delays. Receipts dated prior to November 11th will not be accepted.
  • A valid 2023/24 fur harvesters license is required before any reimbursement will be issued.
  • Please provide a direct deposit form with your receipts when submitting for reimbursement if you are not already set-up at MCFN finance department


Notification letters:

Be sure to include your email address in your application to ensure you receive a notification letter by email. Please call 705-363-0698 for application updates.



For more information about the Trappers Support Program, or for application assistance, please contact:

Stan Loone, Interim Harvesters Subsidy Program Coordinator