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Kesagami Wilderness Lodge

Kesagami Wilderness Lodge

Kesagami Lodge is located north of Cochrane and on the eastern part of the Moose Cree First Nation Traditional Territory, on Kesagami Lake - Ontario's premier fishing lodge.

Built in the mid '80's, this fly-in lodge is welcoming and luxurious beyond expectation. Handsomely appointed rooms and rustic cabins, a spacious recreation area / lounge with massive fireplace and stained glass windows offer guests relaxing moments and social activities when they are not fishing. At Kesagami, boats are huge, stable, square-back Scott canoes with plenty of room for anglers, their gear, shore lunch box and camera equipment. Guides are available through the outfitter and a hearty shore lunch built around just-caught golden walleye fillets should be part of any trip here. It is truly an experience of a lifetime for those who wish to visit one of Ontario's premier wilderness lodges.

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Visit the Kessagami Wilderness Lodge Website for lodge and booking information.