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Visiting Moose Factory / Directions

Moose Factory is located approximately 850 kilometres north of Toronto, and 250 kilometres north of the nearest main highway. There is no road access to Moose Factory, but there are several alternatives that make getting here an adventure in and of itself. To get to Moose Factory, you must first get to Moosonee. The main methods of travel are train and plane. Take a look at our map of Ontario to quickly find Moose Factory visually.

Step 1: Travel to Moosonee

By train:

Ontario Northland provides train services from Cochrane to Moosonee from Monday to Friday year-round, with additional train service on Sundays during the summer months. Ontario Northland also provides bus services to and from Cochrane daily. For specific schedules and rates, visit www.ontarionorthland.ca.

By plane:

Air Creebec has regular daily flights between Moosonee and Timmins. Air Canada Jazz has flights to and from Timmins several times a day. For specific flight times, please visit www.aircreebec.ca and www.aircanada.com.

Step 2: Continue to Moose Factory

From Moosonee, you will make your way to Moose Factory. How you travel will depend on the time of year.

By boat taxi during summer:

Boat taxis are available at the Moosonee public docks, which are located on Revillon road. One-way adult fare is $15.

By ice-road during winter:

An ice-road is constructed every winter between Moosonee and Moose Factory and is usually operational from December to March. The road is open to all light traffic. Taxi fares are $10 one-way.

Freeze-up and break-up:

During the late fall and early spring, the only way to safely travel to Moose Factory is by helicopter. Expedition Helicopters offers daily flights during freeze up and break up at a cost of $40 one-way for adults. For more information about pricing and schedules, please visit the Expedition Helicopters website.

If you need any assistance in planning travel to Moose Factory, please contact Tourism Officer Kim Cheechoo - .