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Health Services

Informational Brochures

- Crisis Team Volunteers Needed
- Crisis Assistance and Referral Service
- Lateral Violence Hurts

Mission Statement

The Moose Cree First Nation Health Services Department values and respects every person's right to confidentiality. It is our mission to serve the community and provide quality programs and services, which meet the holistic needs of individuals, families, and community. We aspire to develop a strong, healthy community where mutual respect and love thrive.


We offer programs and services that reflect the current and future health priorities of the community. The following programs/services are currently offered or will be implemented in the near future:

- Parenting Support Group
- Grief Outreach Program
- Crisis Response Team
- Community Watch Program
- Block Parent/Neighbourhood Watch Program
- Youth & Elders Sharing Circles
- Breast Cancer Support Group
- Family Counselling
- Individual Counselling
- Couples Counselling
- Youth Counselling
- Youth Social & Recreational Activities
- Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
- Long Term Care Program - Community Support Services & Homemaker Services
- Elders Outreach Program
- Focusing Practitioner's Training Program
- Focusing: Therapy
- Home & Community Care Program

Health Centre Services

- Adult & Elder Health
- Adolescent Health
- Infant & Preschool Health
- Prenatal Health
- Postpartum Health
- Communicable Disease Program
- Home Visiting Nurse Program
- School Health
- Environmental Health Services
- First Aid/CPR Courses
- Well Women's Support Group
- Men's Wellness Group
- Community Garden
- Community Kitchen
- Food Bank
- Diabetes Support Group
- Confidential HIV Testing
- Parents 'n' Tots Group
- Children's Lending Library
- Chronic Disease Surveillance & Follow-up
- Daycare Program
- Smoking Cessation
- Prenatal/Postnatal Voucher Program
- Dog Kennel Program
- Family Planning/Pregnancy Testing
- Newborn Care
- FAS/FAE & Children's Nutrition
- Flu Clinic
- Health Babies/Health Children