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Moose Cree Education Authority

The Moose Cree Education Authority (MCEA) is an extension of the Moose Cree First Nation, and is governed by a Board of Directors under the umbrella of the Moose Cree First Nation Chief & Council. The Education Authority has been in operation since August 1992, and is responsible for providing educational funding and services, while also addressing educational needs and issues for all eligible Moose Cree First Nation members.

Moose Cree Education Authority is an active partner in the planning and monitoring of a number of training programs, delivered by various training agencies, and is a member of a number of education and training agencies at the local, regional, provincial and national levels.

Programs and Services

Small Steps Child Care Services

Small Steps Child Care Center is committed to providing a challenging and stimulating environment that will support and encourage emotional, physical mental and spiritual development. Our mission is to help with the process of childhood education through a structured learning setting, and to provide the best possible safe, nurturing and loving environment for your child.

Small Steps believes in promoting and practicing our language, culture and traditional values as Moose Cree First Nation, and will educate ourselves and our children accordingly, to serve as the foundation of our program goals.

Delores D. Echum Composite School

In partnership with the community, the mission of the Delores D. Echum Composite School is to honour and prepare all learners to reach their full potential in a safe, culturally rich learning environment.

Delores D. Echum Composite School is entering it's twelveth (12th) year of operation. The school opened it's door's in August 1997. It is a Private School inspected by the Ministry of Education and has received accreditation according to Ministry standards – offering Grades 7 to 12. Our school is named in honor of Delores D. Echum – former Post Secondary Counselor at MCEA and Elementary Counselor at Ministik School.

Post Secondary

The object of the Post Secondary Program is to sponsor and support Moose Cree First Nation students who have been accepted into a program of study at an accredited University or College. Financial assistance provided is subject to eligibility, the approval of the Moose Cree Education Authority Selection Review Committee, and availability of funds received from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC).

Aboriginal Head Start Program

he Aboriginal Head Start On-Reserve and Ontario Early Years Satellite Programs have been in operation for 3 years. We service families with children 0-6 years old in Moose Factory, Ontario. Our programs are designed to prepare young children for their school years. The following components are weaved into daily programming – Culture and Language; Parental and Family Involvement; Education; Nutrition; Health and Well-Being; and Social Support.

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For more information on the programs and services offered by the Moose Cree Education Authority, please visit: www.mcea.ca