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Economic Development Units


Key objective: To formulate and implement a plan which will ensure proficiency in the delivery of services and to assure advancement in an orderly manner in all aspects of economic development.

Management is responsible for all sub-units within the Moose Cree First Nation Economic Development Program; directs and supervises the development, implementation of economic development projects; advocates, develops, organizes, monitors, evaluates and directs a process in support of community economic development.

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Business Development Unit

Key objectives: To create the conditions under which, both local and regional business initiatives can prosper, taking into full consideration the cultural uniqueness of aboriginal clientele and simultaneously enriching the local economic social environment.

The business development unit co-ordinates services and activities which foster and promote a developmental environment capable of supporting small business. The Business Development Unit offers, to aspiring entrepreneurs, advisory services and financial assistance.

Advisory Services

To create a medium by which clients of the Economic Development Program will be encouraged to pursue their goals. Advisory services encompass all aspects of business development from the conceptual to the implementation stage.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be in the form of grant or loan.

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Employment and Training Unit

In addition to providing advisory services to clientele, the Employment/Training Unit co-ordinates services and activities and training needs of the Moose Cree First Nation Membership. It identifies, analyzes and addresses skills shortages that exist within the community. It also strives to secure funding on behalf of its clientele.


To create employment opportunities, for interested Moose Cree First Nation Members, in all sectors, and to decrease barriers to employment, bring into existence conditions which will permit acquisition of meaningful practical work experience and also meet the manpower demands of employers.


To increase employability capabilities via development of local human resources through various means, including, but not limited to, specialized training opportunities which will counter the skills shortage problems of the community and also meet the demands for training from community members.

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Tourism Unit

Key objective: To create new economic opportunities by cultivating the conditions conducive to the development of the local and regional tourism industry.

The tourism unit plans, organizes, directs, implements, and manages tourism related initiatives by researching, developing, implementing selected tourism projects; works closely with other staff members, organizations, businesses, and individuals to facilitate and promote the development of the tourism industry.

Tourism Initiatives:

Washow Lodge

This state-of-the-art facility in combination with traditional villages will offer culturally oriented experiences year round. Visitors will, if they so desire, participate in all aspects of Cree camp life. Learn more on the Washow Lodge page.

Tidewater Goose Camp

This camp offers goose hunting as well as catch and release fishing services.

Cree Cultural Interpretive Centre

This attraction offers a view of the James Bay Cree culture. It consists of outdoor and indoor exhibits. Visit the CCIC page.

Kesagami Lake Fishing Lodge

Moose Cree First Nation acquired 40% of this venture through its business subsidiary Moose Band Development Corporation. This venture also consists of float plane operations. One hundred percent ownership is anticipated in the near future. Visit the Kesagami Lodge page.

Moose Cree Outdoor Discoveries & Adventures

Community tours from the Cree perspective are offered under this initiative. We also offer culturally oriented skiing and wildnerness expeditions. To date, well over 500 guests have been accommodated from countries all over the world. Learn more.

Crafts / Handicrafts / Cultural / Traditional Skills

Sewing classes began in the fall of 2010 to preserve and pass on the traditional skills of our ancestors to the younger generations. Crafts made by these classes are showcased and sold at the Cree Cultural Interpretive Centre. Revenues generated from sales are used to purchase more supplies for the program.

Other activities include wild game preparation and cooking, traditional drumming, and dancing. In the near future, classes in hide preparation, carving, net-making, and snow-shoe making will be offered at the CCIC.

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