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Economic Development Overview


To promote and enhance economic opportunities including the provision of program/service delivery, to Band Members in varying aspects of economic development, with major emphasis in the areas of privately-owned businesses; the development of employment and training opportunities; and rendering of advisory services in all aforementioned sectors.

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In the early 1970's, the Economic Development Program was transferred from the Department of Indian Affairs to the Moose Cree First Nation. Following the transfer, an Economic Development Officer was hired. Since then the staffing has grown to seven permanent positions and the Economic Development Program now consists of the following units: General Administration, Employment / Training, Business Development and the Tourism Unit.

In a strive to improve the standards of living on our Reserve the governing body, namely the Moose Cree First Nation has sanctioned a two-fold approach to Economic Development. The delivery systems were devised and implemented. The First to come into existence was the Economic Development Program. The second was the Moose Band Development Corporation. The primary responsibility of the Economic Development Program is the delivery of programs and services to the membership, local businesses as well as organizations. The Corporation's main responsibility is to pursue business opportunities on behalf of Moose Cree First Nation. The funding arrangements also distinguishes the differences between the two economic development components. For example, the main source of funding for the Economic Development Program is Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. The Corporation counterbalances its expenses from revenue generated from business activities. Furthermore, each component operates under the auspices of separate board/committee. The chief mission of both, the Program and Corporation, embraces the local government's aspirations and mission, which is to improve the standard of living for the community.

To cover the Program's operating expenses, Moose Cree First Nation receives from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada $164,000.00 annually. Due to inadequate funding the operating budget is subsidized by other Program-generated revenues. The operating budget offsets administrative expenses such as salaries and benefits; it also permits the First Nation to give grants and loans to individuals interested in starting a business; in addition, it allows the First Nation to contribute, financially, to job creation and training projects. On average the Program generates approximately 1.2 million dollars annually.

The Economic Development Program has played a role in most of the community development either through accessing funding or employment subsidies. The following are selected examples:

- Water and sewer project
- Re-activation of Moose Band Development Corporation
- Housing Projects
- Moose Cree Commercial Complex
- Thomas Cheechoo Jr. Memorial Complex
- Moose Cree Education Centre
- Delores D. Echum Composite School
- Elders Centre
- Emergency Preparedness Response Centre
- John R. Delenay Youth Centre
- Aboriginal Skills & Employment Program (ASEP)
- Washow Lodge

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Economic Development Committee

The program operates under the auspices of the Moose Cree First Nation Economic Development Committee and the said committee is directly accountable to the Moose Cree First Nation Council. Currently, the Committee consists of seven members; three are members of MCFN Council and four are from the general membership. They are as follows:

- Frances Sutherland, Chair, Councillor
- Elaine Jeffries, Vice-Chair, Councillor
- Gilbert Cheechoo Jr. Councillor
- Sinclair Trapper, Member at large
- Charlie Faries, Member at large
- Linda Trudeau, Member at large
- Heather Moore, Member at large

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