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Economic Development

Welcome to the economic development department. Our mission is to provide programs and services to the Moose Cree membership that enhances and promotes economic opportunities in our region. Our main areas of focus include business development support and advisory services, and the development of employment and training opportunities.

Information and Articles:


If you love the outdoors, the Moose Factory area provides an outdoor experience unlike any other. Visit unique areas out on the land or right here in town. Learn more.

Ticket Office

Tickets for the Ontario Northland Polar Bear Express Train can be purchased at our ticket office. Find office hours, rates, and scheduling information here. Visit page.

Business Directory

The Moose Cree First Nation business directory contains listings for all businesses currently operating in the Moose Factory area. View Directory.

Staff Contact Information:

Stan Kapashesit, Director of Economic Development

PHONE: (705) 658-4619 ext. 231

Jay Monture, Economic Development Coordinator

PHONE: (705) 658-4619 ext. 230

Bartholemew Smallboy, Business Development Officer

PHONE: (705) 658-4619 ext. 228

Kim Cheechoo, Tourism Officer

PHONE: (705) 658-4619 ext. 279

Cheryl Ashamock, Employment and Training Officer

PHONE: (705) 658-2117 ext. 32

Connor McComb, Project Officer

PHONE: (705) 658-2117 ext. 30