Moose Cree Aviation Services


Friday, May 19th, 2019 was the last day for chartered and scheduled passenger flights. Moose Cree Aviation Services would like to thank you for flying with us, and we look forward to serving you again!

Passenger services and camp charters.

Moose Cree Aviation Services, in partnership with Helicopter Transport Services (HTS), are pleased to provide you with scheduled flights to and from Moose Factory and Moosonee during the freeze-up and break-up seasons. We also provide camp charter services.




Morning: 7:30 am

Noon: 11:30 am

Afternoon: 2:30 pm


Morning: 7:30 am

Afternoon: 2:30 pm


Price List

One Way Travel

Price includes two medium bags and one carry-on OR one large bag and one carry-on.

Adult (18+): $40
Youth (11 – 17): $30
Children (3 – 10): $20
Babies (0 – 2): Free

Fares are payable by cash only.
Prices subject to HST. Status cards must be presented at the time of payment.


Excess Baggage Fees

Small (envelope or small bag): $10
Medium (shoulder bag): $15
Large (standard suitcase): $20
Extra large / hockey bag: $30



Large pets: $40
Small pets (on lap): Free

Pets must be on a leash or in a pet carrier.


Moose Factory to / from Moosonee: $275

Camp Charters

Travel Rates

Bell 206B Jet Ranger (4 seater): $23/mile ($230 for 10 miles or less)

A-Star 350 B2 (5 seater): $31.50/mile ($315 for 10 miles or less)

Bell 206 L3 Long Ranger (6 seater): $27.50/mile ($275 for 10 miles or less)

Bell 206 L4 Long Ranger (6 seater): $27.50/mile ($275 for 10 miles or less)


Sling Rates

Jet Ranger: $33/mile

A-Star: $41.50/mile

Long Ranger: $37.50/mile

Contact Information

For bookings or additional information, please contact us at:

Moose Factory office: 705-658-2859

Moosonee office: 705-336-2725