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River Conditions Update

Friday, March 30, 2012

River Conditions UPDATE

Moose River

No significant change in the situation on the Moose River. Ice break up or ice accumulation is still situated between the communities of Moose Factory and Moosonee. The ice accumulation is approximately 12 km in length.

There is significant build up of ice located on the Moosonee side of the river. The South channel on the Moose Factory Island side of river is cleared and the head of the ice jam remains situated at the Horseshoe Islands 10 km down river. The tail end of the ice jam is situated near the east end of Moose Factory Island. The south channel ice jam is presently forcing water to divert to the north channel area, however the water continues to flow through the ice jam on the Moosonee side and water levels continue to decrease further reducing the flood risk.

The snow fall accumulation and subsequent snow melt and run-off may help the ice to advance further down river to James Bay, however this event may not be significant to further aggravate the situation with increases in water levels.

Moose Factory Island Emergency Management urges ALL residents to remain off the river. PLEASE KEEP CHILDREN AWAY FROM THE RIVER BANKS.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe.

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