Winter Road South (Wetum Road)

The Moose Cree Wetum Road is a winter road that connects Moose Factory to the Ontario highway system. The road is approximately 170km long that starts at the south end of Moose Factory Island and ends at Otter Rapids. From there, you will reach Highway 634 which goes to Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario.

Moose Cree First Nation extends its appreciation to the contractors involved with this project. Cree Aski is handling construction on the north end, while CS Enterprises builds from the south end.

March 15, 2012: Last update for this season

Total road length: 170km

Total road cleared: 153km

Total road remaining: 17km

Notice: Both the northern and southern crews had to pull out due to the recent warm weather and rains. Construction has officially ended for the 2011/2012 season and resume next winter.

Details: North End

The northern crew made it to the North French River. That's a total of 44.5 km of new road right-of-way opened by Cree Aski this winter. Cree Aski also re-opened 11.5 km of right-of-way some of which was part of the Rabbit Ridge Pit Road and the remainder (5.5 km) was cleared by InnLink last year.

Details: South End

The Southern crew made it to km 96. All crossings and equipment have been pulled from the road. The CS Enterprises initiative cleared a total of 65 km of new road right-of-way this winter. CS Enterprises also opened 31 km of right-of-way that they cleared last year.

This leaves approximately 17 km of the We-Tum road between km 96 and the North French River un-cleared.

Updates are provided by CS Enterprises. Moose Cree attempts to publish updates as soon as they are received.

You may also download a PDF version of this update. Adobe Reader required.

Attention: Safety Notice

Please keep in mind that this is an active construction site and it may be hazardous for unauthorized persons and vehicles to be on road surfaces that are not officially open for public use. "Road Cleared" does not necessarily mean that the portion of the road is driveable. Please refrain from accessing the Wetum Road until it is officially opened for public use.