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Lands and Resources

Mission Statement

The natural environment of our homelands is responsible for the growth of our Cree culture and traditions. Without our natural environment, our culture and traditions will become extinct. With the guidance of the Creator, our Cree Grandmothers, Grandfathers and Ancestors who lived in harmony with the natural environment, we must protect our homelands to ensure cultural integrity while reflecting sustainable economic development within our territory.


The Moose Cree First Nation established the Lands & Resources Secretariat in November 1999. The Lands & Resources Department deals with many issues ranging from Forestry, Mining, Trapping, Protected Areas, Fishing & Hunting issues, Land Use Planning, Consultation, Cultural Activities, etc.

The Lands & Resources Secretariat is mandated by the Chief and Council to provide for the management, protection, and preservation of the Moose Cree First Nation (MCFN) traditional lands on behalf of its membership.

The purpose of the Lands & Resources Secretariat is to:

- Act as an advisory body and to make recommendations to Chief and Council.
- Develop strategies and policies in conjunction with the goals and objectives of the MCFN.
- To monitor and evaluate existing and proposed activities on MCFN traditional territories.
- To serve notice to existing and proposed users of MCFN territories.
- To serve notice to existing and proposed users of MCFN interests and concerns.
- To make recommendations on the use, protection, and preservation of MCFN traditional territory.

The Lands & Resources Department provides other services to the community such as:

- Providing a faxing service to those members of the community who are applying for a trapper's license from NAN.
- Conduct consultations with our membership on forestry and other issues through various communication avenues such as oral, written correspondence, community meetings, advertisements on the community television channel, postings around the community, and the mailing of brochures and newsletters.
- Initiate action on issues that are brought forward by the membership and assist in achieving an end result. A place where the Moose Cree membership can address Lands & Resources issues
- Provide a direct contact for government, non-government agencies and organizations that deal with Moose Cree in Lands & Resources issues.

Some of the major initiatives that Lands & Resources are involved with are:

- Kesagami Provincial Park Management Plan.
- Clean up of PCB contaminated Radar Base 060, Relay.
- Cree Forest Knowledge Project - a three-year project assisting Moose Cree with Land Use Planning.
- Gathering Traditional Ecological Knowledge through Land Use Mapping with our membership for Land Use Planning.
- Historical Occupancy Mapping with our membership for Land Use Planning. Developing Cultural Activities for our Membership.