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Chief and Council

Chief and Council for the 2016 - 2020 Term

Chief Patricia A. Faries
Deputy Chief
Deputy Chief Earl Cheechoo

Councillor: Mildred Alisappi
Councillor: Doreen Blackned
Councillor: Gilbert Cheechoo Jr.
Councillor: Thomas Cheechoo
Councillor: Barbara A. Chum
Councillor: Bob M. Echum
Councillor: Elaine J. Jeffries
Councillor: Leona Jeffries
Councillor: Gary Innes
Councillor: Victor P. Linklater
Councillor: Mary Stella Schimmens
Councillor: Bert Wapachee
Youth Councillor: Ryanne Swallow-Chum
Elder Councillor: Joe Cheechoo